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Contest: Play To Win A Watch!

Contest: Play to win a watch!

Join Inttirolle’s special Laser Boy tournament – play and win a watch!Laserboy standing in the middle of psychedelic stripes.

Warm summer nights are here, which means it’s time to go camping! When choosing a wrist watch to accompany you in your adventures, you need to make sure it’s the kind that can take a little bruising and splashing. Well, choosing just the right watch is now more fun than ever: we created our own tournament in the Laser Boy game and the winner gets to choose their prize from the Inttirolle collection.

Join the fun:

To join in the tournament, download the Laser Boy app in Google Play and join the Inttirolle tournament. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Play and download Laser Boy to your Android device.Download Laser Boy on Google Play
  2. Open Laser Boy on your device.
  3. On the main menu of the game, select ‘Private Club’. Type ‘Inttirolle’ as the name of the private club and tap ‘Join’.
  4. On the main menu, tap ‘Change initials’ to select your nick.
  5. Play the game until your name is the first on the score board of the Inttirolle tournament!


In order to join in the tournament, you must enter the Inttirolle private club in the Laser Boy game. So, if you manage to achieve an amazing score on the Laser Boy game but you didn’t join the Inttirolle private club, your nick will appear on the global high scores but not on the score board of the Inttirolle tournament and therefore your score is not applicable on our contest. Therefore, it is important to first select ’Private Club’ on the main menu of the game and type ‘Inttirolle’ as the name of the private club.

You can play the game as many times as you like.

The best score of the month on the score board of the Inttirolle tournament is rewarded with a free watch. The winner gets to choose the watch from the Inttirolle collection.

This contest is organized by The winner of each month will be announced on The winner must then contact Inttirolle either through this Web site or by e-mail: customerservice @

Once the winning score is announced, the winner must contact The winner will be asked to tell us their contact information so that we can send the prize to him or her.

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