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Affordable military watches from Inttirolle

Don’t you wish you had a robust but affordable watch that you could use when roughing it out in the nature? One that you could rely in extreme conditions?

Inttirolle is a simple timepiece on your wrist. Originally, our idea was to create a one-stop store for those looking for suitable watches when entering military service in Finland. They can’t take their phones to the action, you know. But with a watch on their wrist, they’ll be able to track time even in extreme conditions.

“Extreme?” you ask. Picture winter in Finland: it’s -25C degrees (that’s -13F, ugh!) and you still need to pack your gear and go out in the forest.

Picture a forest in the night in November: it’s dark and it’s wet, so you really need a water-proof watch that has a properly illuminated dial. Most of our watches also include an alarm function in case you prefer waking up before they start shouting at you.

Cheap watches and other necessities

I don’t want to call them cheap, but yeah, Inttirolle’s watches are cheap! And that’s the whole point: you don’t want to be taking the expensive watch you inherited from your grandfather and end up scratching or, even worse, losing it in the forest. Whether you’re planning on going to military service, spending the weekend with your family camping and hiking, or just attending your favorite music festival, you need a cheap but reliable watch to accompany you.

While browsing our store for watches, take a look at the other items, too. They might bring a little luxury and jazz up your outdoor extravaganza. I’m sure you can imagine how items such as a special knife, led light, better insoles for your shoes and a pair of quality socks can make your life that much more comfortable when roughing it out.

Key features of Inttirolle watches

Although all watches in are inexpensive, they still are very good and look great! We take pride in choosing the optimal products with the best quality-price ratio. And we want you to be happy with your fancy-looking purchase. All our watches have 30 days money-back guarantee and 1 year warranty.

  • Illuminated dial is crucial
  • Waterproof or at least splashproof
  • No GPS tracking (This might not be important if you’re just camping, but in military this is crucial. You don’t want to reveal your position to foreign forces.)
  • Alarm; not crucial but a handy additional feature

Online store

Check out our online store to find all available watches and other products. Come back often to see all the awesome new products that we add to the selection. Our store is brand new and we have started out with some very cool watches. We will be adding new gadgets every month.

To make sure you don’t miss out anything, order our newsletter. That way you will always know what is hip, what it hop and what it not!

Click here to visit our online store: Inttirolle at - cheap watches


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Please note:

  • Inttirolle online store accepts payments with Visa and MasterCard. In addition, you can also pay through your Finnish bank account, if you have one.
  • All watches have 30 days money-back guarantee and 12 months warranty. (Other products: check their product description.)
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